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Dog Training Videos

These videos is specifically designed for those out there who want to learn how to training their K9 companion from home. We'll show you step by step how to confidently approach, interact, and train your dog.  You'll learn how to train your dog into the confident and capable companion you always wanted. Trust us.

Basic Pet Obedience

Our Basic Pet Obedience videos are designed to help you learn to train your dog from the comfort of your home.  You will not only learn basic pet obedience, but you also learn positive behavior modification as well.  Tom Rose breaks down the three main principles of dog training; timing, motivation, and consistency, and shows you how to apply them. We will demonstrate how to communicate commands to your puppy or adult dog, how to reward, and ultimately have full control of your dog. You will learn how to crate train, walk your dog on loose leash, teach basic commands and much more.

Price: $49.99

Puppy and Dog Tricks

Being an awesome dog trainer and teaching your dog basic obedience is always a good thing, but sometimes it’s good to have fun and just teach them some tricks. So, how do you do this? How do you teach your dog to rollover, play dead or, more importantly, know you’re teaching them the correct way? Well, we answer these questions in our Puppy and Dog Tricks training videos.

Price: $9.99


You’ve trained your dog how to sit, down, come when called, and walk on a loose leash, but what now? Too many people want to their dogs to be obedient, but they sometimes stray away from the reasons they got their dogs in the first place. In these videos we’ll teach you how to properly train your dog to conquer agility obstacle in a way thats fun for you and your dog.

Price: $9.99

All the above

Here’s what you get.  Unmatchable training advice, full access to all our training videos, ability to request videos to address problems you may be having, and email access to our Certified Master Trainers for Q&A.  We’ve been getting request for a program like this and now it’s here and available to you.  So surround yourself with some pups and lets get ready to train!

Price: $55.00

Questions / Comments / Video Request

You have the training videos, the dog to train, and the training treats, but you feel something is missing. So what now?  You email us and we solve the problem for you.  If you have a question that’s not clearly answered in one of our videos, you have a suggestion or comment, or you would like to request a video for us to add to the training packages, then email us and we’ll be sure to help you with whatever it may be. 

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